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Millyblu is the result of a great search for elegance, beauty, art and comfort. A mixture of all female energies.

A sweet song to the beauty of diversity that arises from the desire to enhance the uniqueness of every woman , combining the comfort to the elegance of exclusive and refined creations.

A life project that traces the Italian charm and the ancient sartorial tradition of unique and limited edition models.

From the choice of materials to the structure of the paper pattern , from the manufacturing of the garment to its packaging .

Only very few creations worldwide. Creations of women's clothing reserved for those who choose to wear the exclusivity of Made in Italy.

A combination of fashion combined with the art of the entrepreneur and fashion designer Milly Sperabene.

A Made In Italy Brand that combines Art & Elegance

Each of us is unique in our diversity, just like a work of art .

Millyblu paintings become prints on fabric. The colors are intense and give spring to whoever wears or looks at them. The sea line is full of swimsuits combined with out of water , with intense and sparkling colors.

Millyblu embodies a free, self-confident woman at ease with what she wears. Millyblu is all the women who want to be. All those who demonstrate love for beauty, for freedom, for life, for fashion, for art, because they love to feel unique.




"Veronica Fedolfi among the most beautiful looks of the week evening of the Venice Film Festival."

"The chenille jumpsuit is what distinguishes her best," says the actress. The ones worn are designed and produced by designer Milly Sperabene for the Italian brand Millyblu.

"Checklist for a perfect summer: sunscreen, swimwear and a beautiful Millyblu towel."

"I was chosen by the Millyblu brand to represent it on the Red Carpet. They decided to make a tailor-made dress for me. I really like the line and the fabric is very important: let's talk about Art. There is no better place than the Festival of Cinema where you can wear Art."

"The Millyblu collections are among the most fascinating and elegant on the Italian scene."