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Since ancient times, historical events have strongly influenced the artistic sphere , leading the latter to a cultural fusion.
Art , in fact, must be understood as a true expressive form that has made humanity free to relate through its own creativity .

The 1960s were incisive. A succession of artistic currents have generated the fusion of styles, arts and expressiveness that have developed in our contemporaneity . The greatest artists of the twentieth century saw their art transformed, witnessing a metamorphosis that established a common thread between art and fashion .


Contrasting geometries and colors became the fulcrum of those years, giving rise to an essential link between art and fashion. Two worlds that seemed distant began to coexist.

The '60s and '70s saw the rise of the Optical style , an artistic movement that made the fashion , art and design of those times iconic.
Composed of geometric graphics and saturated colors , horizontal, vertical lines and monochrome , Op Art was born in the 1960s in America, inspired by post-war expressionism and the studies conducted within the Bauhaus .

From expressionist research towards dynamism up to movement in Op-art . From the geometric rigor and clean lines of the Bauhaus to the concrete example of the Optical , in which order and chaos coexist.


As the years passed, fashion catwalks saw art excel in all its forms, retracing the history of numerous artists and elevating the most important currents of the twentieth century.

Miuccia Prada 's Fall/Winter 2012-2013 collection was a blast from the past, through the launch of a new reinterpretation of Mondrian's abstract art . Miu Miu , Luis Vuitton and Moschino Cheap , however, returned to the fashion of the Beatles and Carnaby Street.

Without limits to the imagination , there was no longer any fear of combinations. Geometric prints overlapped and risky colors mixed, giving life to psychedelic motifs . Clothes with a graphic style were reminiscent of American "optical art" . Guess , Max Mara and Simona Barbieri for Twin-Set walked the most impressive catwalks.

Emilio Pucci & Millyblu

The 2000s saw “hypnotic” dresses, tops and swimsuits return to fashion trends , right up to the present day.

From the fluid and bright print of the fall/winter 2023-2024 collection by Emilio Pucci , to the Summer Capsule 2023 “Onda” by Millyblu which saw a true work of art transformed into a timeless fantasy , parading on the Red Carpet of the eightieth edition of the Venice International Film Festival.

Veronica Fedolfi in Millyblu

Evolving energies

New creations come to life, wrapped in a mix of new energies , which with a look at the past, run towards the future , evolving in a new contemporaneity.