How to always be elegant and avant-garde on current trends? Millyblu wants to give new life to a garment loved by all women.

Nowadays the suit is more and more an icon of style , sensuality and freshness. We women love to dress in a sophisticated way, but without sacrificing comfort and practicality. Dressing in overalls has become a must to feel comfortable and fashionable. The chenille , velvet, cotton tracksuit is increasingly the item of clothing that can never be missing in our wardrobe. The important thing is to wear a look that is feminine, elegant and comfortable, which can be combined with day sneakers or seductive décolleté, in order to make an outfit versatile and even more refined.

In short, the suit is the reinterpretation of the sports suit . It combines the concept of fitness and freedom of movement with the elegance of a suit that gives order, personality and dynamism.

The elegant jumpsuit becomes the essence symbol of female evolution , reflecting the identity of an independent, modern and self-confident woman , capable of capturing anyone's attention, thanks to the seductive originality of a fresh and youthful outfit.


In this regard, Millyblu, a made in Italy clothing brand , specializes in elegant and walking tracksuits , which were worn by Scianel, the protagonist of the second season of Gomorra 2 - La Serie.
Millyblu wants to give new life to a garment loved by all women. The new and exclusive winter capsule signed Millyblu , present on the online shop , offers elegant suits , one-piece suits and sports suits in line with the trends of the moment.