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Millyblu is the result of a great search for elegance, beauty, art and comfort. A mixture of all female energies.

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The fashion project combined with the art of entrepreneur and fashion designer Milly Sperabene , creates made in Italy and exclusive products.

Milly Sperabene , alias Millyblu , after studying at the Academy of Fashion and Costume had a long journey of stylistic and modeling collaborations with clothing companies . In 2010 her brand Millyblu women's clothing was born and later the e-shop.

A Made In Italy Brand that combines Art & Elegance


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Millyblu paintings become prints on fabric. The colors are intense and give spring to whoever wears or looks at them. The sea line is full of swimsuits combined with out of water , with intense and sparkling colors.


The "Onda" sea line set sail among the waves of the Costa Smeralda , docking in the wonderful port of the Ritual Club .


"The elegant jumpsuit becomes the essence symbol of female evolution , reflecting the identity of an independent, modern and self-confident woman, capable of capturing anyone's attention, thanks to the seductive originality of a fresh and youthful outfit. "


Among the most popular garments, the elegant tracksuits with a sporty chic flavor in chenille, velvet, cotton, viscose, modern and trendy. Millyblu tracksuits were worn by the protagonist of the film Gomorra 2 La Serie, Cristina Donadio.

The chenille jumpsuit is what best distinguishes her", says the actress. The ones worn are designed and produced by the designer Milly Sperabene for the Italian brand Millyblu.

By Eva Grippa | The Republic