Cookie Policy


What are Cookies?

Cookies are pieces of information that are automatically stored on your computer so that we can recognize you when you return. Cookies are used to better understand your use of the Millyblu shop so that we can continue to refine and improve it. There are two types of cookies: the so-called session-cookies, which are deleted as soon as you close your browser and temporary/permanent cookies, which are saved on your device for a long time or permanently. This storage allows us to design our websites and offers according to your needs and makes it easier for you to use the site. Some data, for example, is saved in order not to have to repeat it every time.

What cookies does use?

Most of the cookies we use when you close your browser (end session) are automatically deleted from your hard drive (therefore they are called session-cookies). Session-cookies offer you, for example, the "shopping cart" function even if you browse through several pages. We also use cookies that remain on your hard drive. When you return to our page, the system will automatically recognize that you have already visited us and store your preferred data and settings. These temporary or even definitive cookies (lasting from 1 month to 10 years) are saved on your hard drive and deleted after a pre-set period. Above all, they serve to make our offer easier for you, more efficient and more secure. The sole purpose of these cookies is to adapt our offer to your needs as a customer and to make browsing as comfortable as possible.

What data is saved in the cookies?

No personal data is saved in the cookies used by Therefore the cookies we use are not attributable to a specific person and therefore not attributable to you. When cookies are activated, an identification number is assigned. At no time will it be possible to trace your personal data back to the identification number and no attempt will be made to do so. Your name, your IP address and similar data that could lead back to your person will never be used. Based on the cookie technology, we only receive information in the form of a pseudonym, for example about which pages of our online shop are most visited, which products are most viewed, etc.

Cookies from third parties (third-party-cookies) uses some advertising partners who help to make the internet offer and the shop more interesting. Therefore, when you visit our site, cookies from associated companies will also be saved on your hard drive. In this case, these are temporary/permanent cookies which will be automatically deleted upon expiry of the pre-established period. These temporary or even permanent cookies (the duration ranges from 14 days to 10 years) are saved on your hard drive and automatically deleted when the predefined period expires. During this process, some of our advertising partners also collect information on which pages you have already visited or which products you are interested in, in order to display advertising that best matches your interests. This pseudonymous data will not be linked to your personal data at any time. They are only intended to help our advertising partners match you with advertising that may actually be of interest to you.


Our websites use so-called re-targeting technologies in this case. We use these technologies to make the internet offer more attractive. On the websites of our partners, this technique allows us to make ourselves visible to the Internet user who has shown interest in our online shop and our products in the past. We are convinced that the display of personalized advertising that takes your interests into account is usually more interesting than advertising that does not refer to the person. The display through the advertising vehicles of our partner sites takes place on the basis of a cookie technology and an analysis of user behavior. This form of advertising takes place in the form of a pseudonym. No personal data is saved and user profiles are not linked to your personal data.

Is the acceptance of cookies necessary?

Accepting cookies is not a necessary condition in order to visit our websites. We inform you, however, that the use of the "cart" function and the order of products are possible only if you authorize the use of cookies.



Shopify website

When visitors access Shopify websites, we typically set the following Shopify cookies:

Cookies necessary for the functioning of the sites

First name Function
_Brochure_session Used in connection with site navigation.

Reporting and analytical cookies

First name Function
_landing_page Landing page tracking.
_orig_referrer Landing page tracking.
_s Shopify analytics.
_shopify_fs Shopify analytics.
_shopify_s Shopify analytics.
_shopify_sa_t Shopify analytics related to marketing and referrals.
_shopify_uniq Shopify analytics.
_shopify_y Shopify analytics.
_y Shopify analytics.
ab_test_* Shopify analytics.
cart_mr Shopify analytics.
ki_r Shopify analytics.
kit Shopify analytics.




Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a service that uses cookies from text files saved on your computer, making it possible to analyze how you use our internet offer through Google. The retention period such to 2 years.


We use plugins of the social network through the use of personalized ads with a retention period of 1 year.


We use plugins of the social network through the use of personalized ads with a retention period of 1 year.


WhatsApp is a cross-platform service for smartphones and computers, protected by end-to-end encryption. The WhatsApp cookie makes it possible to share information with visitors' friends and others and has a retention period of 1 year.

Google Maps

Google Maps offers the possibility to display maps on the website. Our website connects to the Google Maps API to display these maps. The Google Maps API requires your IP address. It has a retention period of 30 days.

Google Ads

The purpose of Google Ads is to create personalized ads by tracking customers. The retention period is 1 year.

Email Chimp

These cookies are used to track newsletter subscriptions and customer emails at checkout. Mailchimp uses cookies to save information captured from user inputs for remarketing purposes. The retention period is 1 year.



Customer privacy is important to us. To offer the customer a higher level of security, online access to certain personal data is protected by a password. We strongly recommend that you do not reveal your password to anyone. In any communication, Millyblu will never ask the customer for the password.


We reserve the right to periodically update this Privacy Policy. All changes made will be posted on this page. We will treat your personal data in accordance with the privacy and security legislation in force at the time of collection of your data.


For any questions about this Information, you can contact us in complete safety and request clarifications on the way in which we process personal information at the following contacts:

Milena Sperabene


Telephone number: 335435411

Address: Via Aurelia 772, 00165 Rome